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Service Policy:


As one of the emerging leading innovators in the field of ultrasonic Medical device worldwide, Yushengda delivers comprehensive service experience to our customers, while offering cost-effective and superior products.With its independent technologies and extensive customer service expertise, Yushengda continues to support field services, helping our customers to control maintenance costs, mitigate Medical risk, expand Medical business and create more value for clinical medicine.


Warranty policy:


1. Within 12 months since the ex-factory date, we will offer free replacement service.( Any damage which results from operation other than specified in the Operator’s Manual, either intentionally or by error, or repair or maintenance by anyone other than a Yushengda Service Representative or an authorized 

Yushengda representative is not listed here)

2. Any damage which results from neglect or malpractice of the periodic maintenance specified by Yushengda is excluded from coverage by the warranty.

3. Out-off the repair service our company may maintain lifetime maintenance, but shall charge the proper maintenance costs.

4. Please fill maintenance situations in the list and return it to our company for filing within half a month since date of purchase, otherwise we will not be responsible for the warranty.