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Yushengda Medical is a large scale and influential manufacturer of medical devices in China.We are a group company with the overseas headquarter in Chengdu Yushengda , and other two group companies Chengdu Vigorous and Chengdu Carewell in South-West China.

Production capability

There are 8 branches under the group with a wide products range. Every branch has its expertise in a specific area.

Our product line includes Imaging systems and related instrument, clinical lab devices, reagents,ventilators, patient monitors ,ECG and anesthesia systems .

This comprehensive products range enables us to provide one-stop services for our customers.



The history of Yushengda Medical can be traced back to 1998.

Years of efforts and hard working in research and development of medical devices has achieved remarkable results. Now Yushengda Medical has a group of mature and experienced experts in the developing technology of medical device. Our own developed products have proved to be very popular with our customers and gotten approved by authorities in medical industry. All of our products have been awarded ISO9000 and ISO13485.And more and more products get CE certificates.

Responsible and reliable

In order to establish a sustainable business relationship with our customers, Yushengda Medical values its reputation in medical industry and we provide responsible and reliable after-sales services to customers. We respond to customer’s feedback within two working days and give technical support in different ways---by mail, video, phones calls or even face to face. Our sincerity and responsibility has won over many overseas customers from Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and all over the world.


Health---Love---Our working principle

As a culture of Yushengda Medical we respect human’s life and health. Our major idea of designing is to provide safe medical devices with perfect functions. We will always cherish your life and care about your health!